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First-Quality Web Design

In collaboration with Stephen Linhart Web Design we offer a first-quality Web design service at the low rate of $75/hour. If you need a Web presence that conveys a superior visual and design quality, then our service may be what you are looking for. Our interest is in making Web sites that are unique, pleasing and effective.
We also promote your website on the Internet. By using a customized approach to promoting each client we can be more effective than the mass-promotion services that use a robot to submit your site to other robots. We can get your site in front of the people who want to know what you’re doing.
In addition to visual design and promotion we provide our clients with top-quality hosting at a very low price. We charge $20/month, billed annually, for a fast, responsive and exceptionally reliable hosting service. This includes 1Gb of files, 5Gb/month of bandwidth, email, and personal service.
If you want to know more about our Web design services, please contact GSi Web Design.
Sample Websites

JoAnn Falletta Website
JoAnn Falletta, Conductor

Eugenia Zukerman Website
Eugenia Zukerman, Flutist, Writer, Journalist