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New Service offered by Genevieve Spielberg Inc.

Every nonprofit knows it lives or dies on the quality of its internal communications. In the nonprofit world, clear, consistent and timely information is essential to keep every employee and volunteer working with the same goals and objectives in mind, and ultimately, to achieve the vision of the organization. The monthly newsletter is a key tool in stitching the diverse parts of an organization together, yet so often it becomes the responsibility of an already overworked staff member whose main responsibilities lie elsewhere.
GSI is now offering a solution: we will produce high quality, prompt and well laid out newsletters for your organization on your timetable. A professional journalist will discuss your goals for the publication, help you decide on content and design, and perform the reporting and writing functions you think are necessary. Whether it’s a delicate discussion of a change in staff or procedure, or simply sharing the news of staff family events and triumphs, we’ll help you set the tone you want to bring better morale, tighter cooperation and a more focussed organizational identity to your public.
Outsourcing the production of your newsletter also provides you with the additional tool of another perspective. The complicated structure of a typical nonprofit and its board sometimes creates insularity and difficulty understanding how differences within the organization are affecting public perception. GSI offers the additional option of acting as your own, in-house ombudsman. Have you ever needed an internal clearinghouse for disagreements and issues that are affecting your organization? We can develop a newsletter column or article that airs the issues effectively and discreetly, in the same way a newspaper’s ombudsman tackles sensitive situations.

Program and Liner Notes
You’ve got the artist, you’ve got the program, you’ve got the date—now you need a program book to do justice to the event you’ve heroically put together under adverse financial conditions. Programs are typically the very first encounter your audience has with your artists and are very influential in setting the tone in which they’ll hear and understand the performance. Yet, too often, program annotations are the last thing on a presenter’s mind.
GSI is now offering a program notes service, in which former classical music critic Willa J. Conrad will work within the space constraints you have to create the best possible annotations to inform your audience and draw them more intimately into the performance. Musicians work in space and time—their efforts are ephemeral and abstract. An annotator’s job is to use words to make the intentions and efforts behind a musical performance concrete and meaningful for a general audience. A graduate of Peabody Conservatory and former choral conductor, pianist and accompanist, Ms. Conrad offers you 16 years experience as a professional journalist—and the ability to work quickly and accurately on deadline, as well as drawing on her early training in music criticism and musicology.
In these days of self-produced CDs, everybody is a recording producer and engineer. But the layout and content of a CD book are a listener’s first point of access to what lies within. In the way a headline gives the gist of a story to follow, your liner notes and CD book can shape how a listener perceives the music they are about to hear. GSI is also now offering liner notes, which will be developed by Ms. Conrad in discussion with you about the origins, intents and vision behind your recording.